National Wildland Firefighter Day

Established July 2, 2022

The newly established National Wildland Firefighter Day recognizes the dedication of wildland firefighters, including federal, state, local, Tribal, military, rural, contract, and support personnel. The selected date is especially meaningful as it occurs during the Week of Remembrance, which is held annually June 30 to July 6, and serves as an opportunity to renew our commitment to wildland firefighter safety as we remember those who have fallen in the line of duty.  

National Wildland Firefighter Day is designed to recognize the hard work and devotion of all wildland firefighters and support personnel who are the backbone of the wildland fire community. These men and women work to save lives, property, infrastructure, and precious natural and cultural resources every year, and we are incredibly thankful for their professional skills and efforts.   

This toolkit provides graphics for social media that are ready-to-post or can be customized. Short videos highlighting our wildland firefighters and support personnel are ready to share along with an updated banner for your next virtual meeting background. It also includes text that you can use for social media posts, templates for an email from leadership, scripts for radio ads, and a proclamation template. To download an image, hover over it and the choose "save image as". 

Feel free to customize these tools, add your logo and photos, and share on your social media platforms. Please use these hashtags: #NWFFD #WildlandFirefighterDay #ThankAFirefighter

National Wildland Firefighter Day Official Logo

Ready-to-post social media graphics and sample posts

Social Media Post

Today we celebrate those that live by the values of duty, respect, and integrity. On National #WildlandFirefighterDay we thank every wildland firefighter, support staff, and contractor who work together to protect life, property, and natural and cultural resources. #ThankAFirefighter

Social Media Post 5

Here’s your reminder that on National #WildlandFirefighterDay, thank the wildland fire responder in your life for the service they provide to protect life, property, and natural and cultural resources. #ThankAFirefighter 

Social Media Post 7

Today is National #WildlandFirefighterDay, we honor wildland firefighters, support staff, and contractors that serve the public across the country. #ThankAFirefighter 

Social Media Post 4

Today for National #WildlandFirefighterDay, we appreciate the thousands of local, state, federal, or contract workers who fulfill a role in wildland fire response. Thank you for your service and dedication! #ThankAFirefighter 

Social Media Post

Each year we experience more extreme and longer wildland fires, and the wildland firefighting community rises to the challenge to protect life, property, and natural and cultural resources. On July 2, for National #WildlandFirefighterDay we show appreciation and recognize the hard work and dedication of every wildland fire responder. Thank you also to the supporting families and friends of wildland fire responders who make it possible for responders to be away for weeks or months at a time. #ThankAFirefighter 

Social Media Example 2

National #WildlandFirefighterDay is a time to show appreciation for the wildland firefighting community. Thanks to the dispatchers, map creators, IT specialists, equipment operators, radio technicians, prevention specialists, and everyone else who has a role in getting the job done! #ThankAFirefighter 

July 2 is National #WildlandFirefighterDay. Thousands of responders unite in teams to suppress wildland fires each year. It takes many people with specialized skills and we show appreciation for all of them today. Whether you carry a Pulaski, radio, computer, headset, map, clipboard, or camera to work, we thank you for your service! #ThankAFirefighter

Custom Graphics

Would you like to add your photos to customize a graphic to post on social? Just download the graphics below and overlay them on your photos!

Custom graphic 1
Custom graphic 2
Custom graphic 3


Join us in updating your Facebook and Twitter banner images! 

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Instagram (first row) and Posters (second row)

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Virtual meeting backgrounds

Use these backgrounds on your next virtual meeting.

Video Background 1
Video Background 2
Video Background 3


These short video clips highlight wildland firefighters and support personnel from federal, state, and local agencies across the country. Each pair of videos, both 30 seconds and 15 seconds, includes different photos from across the wildland fire community. Download the videos and share on social!

Video 1 - 30 seconds

Video 3 - 30 seconds

Video 1 - 15 seconds

Video 3 - 20 seconds

Video 2 - 30 seconds

Video 4 - 30 seconds

Video 2 - 15 seconds

Video 4 - 20 seconds