Returns to the Great Basin Cache should be made in the most expeditious manner available based upon cost. Substantial savings and maximum support can be achieved by prompt return of supplies and equipment to the nearest cache upon demobilization. 

Some items are expendable when used and should not be returned (i.e. disposable mess gear, canteens). Items that can be reused should be examined after the incident. If items are reusable or economically repairable, then they should be returned to the cache. Items returned are refurbished as defined within the National Fire Equipment System (NFES) Operating Procedures and become field ready for the next shipment. 

All returns must be identified with the following to ensure proper accountability: 

  1. Returning Agency 
  2. Office 
  3. Incident Name 
  4. Incident Number 

Trackable property (i.e. pumps, chainsaws) is usually in short supply and must be returned to the cache as soon as an incident or the need is over. If this property is destroyed or lost, written notification must be provided to the issuing cache. Repair tags will be affixed to all power equipment. If equipment does not operate in a satisfactory manner, write the problem on the repair tag.