Leadership Self-Development and IDPs

Information provided on this page is intended to provide BLM fire personnel with information that may be helpful for leadership self-development including an understanding and creating individual development plans (IDPs).

The BLM does not have a mandatory IDP process. Therefore, BLM fire employees and supervisors are encouraged to utilize the Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program’s Self-Development Tool. The tool includes an "Individual Development Plan Guide" and self-development worksheets designed for varying leadership levels. In addition, employees are encouraged to complete either the IDP template endorsed by IFPM or the one found in the “Supervisor’s Guide to Developing Individual Development Plans.”

Note: If a local unit or entity (e.g., National Training Center) requires a specific IDP format, personnel should utilize that IDP template.

“Supervisor’s Guide to Developing Individual Development Plans” (provided by NIFC HR)

Wildland Fire Leadership Development Program

BLM's National Training Center

Cedar Fire Backfiring-McMillan