NIICD Documents

Daniels Equipment
NFES 4248, 4281, 4312, and 4370 Switch Settings

Battery Cable for Several Kits
Battery Cable Drawing

Solar Panel Kit, NFES 4080
Solar Panel Kit Cable

Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) Battery Configuration & Installation Instructions
SLA Battery Instructions

RG8 Cable Tool Download - 3D print file


Consolidated list of Approved Radios (pdf)

FCC Issued Frequency Incompatibility
The FCC has begun to issue frequencies that have 7.5 kHz channel spacing. Many analog USFS radios cannot operate on these new frequencies. See the list of incompatible radios. (pdf)
There is a safety issue with the Relm BK EPH/EMH radio using interstitial frequencies. See the safety issue document (docx) or (pdf)

2024 NIRSC User's Guide

Contact Great Basin Cache for a printed copy of the NIRSC User's Guide NFES 0968