NPS Preparedness Reviews

The standards reflected in the checklists are established national policy requirements. The checklists reflect the interagency standard for operations and performance in each area of review and are not arbitrary standards set by the review team. These checklists are to be used on all preparedness reviews to maintain a consistent level of review nationwide. Individual agencies and units can request individual items of interest be added to the checklists, but these additions must not undermine any established national policy requirements outlined in the standard checklist. (Revision date: 2014)

National Park Service

Interagency Fire Preparedness Readiness Review front page
Checklist 1 Agency Administrator
Checklist 2 Fire Management Administration
Checklist 3 Geographic Area Coordination Center
Checklist 4 Aviation Management
Checklist 5 Facilities/Cache
Checklist 6 Safety Officer
Checklist 7 Training
Checklist 8 Aviation Base Review
Checklist 9 Individual Firefighter
Checklist 10 Dispatch
Checklist 11 Engines
Checklist 12 Interagency Hotshot Crew
Checklist 13 Helicopter Module
Checklist 14 Hand Crew Non-IHC
Checklist 15 FPMA
Checklist 16 Dozer (No change from what is on the website)
Checklist 17 Wildland Fire Module (Appendix C – Interagency Standards for Wildland Fire Module Operations)

Optional Materials

Drills & Skills (Optional) Drill Summary
Drill 1 Initial Response Protocol
Drill 2 Initial Report From Scene
Drill 3 Briefing - Risk Management
Drill 4 Mobile Attack
Drill 5 Stationary Attack - Hoselay
Drill 6 Foam Use
Drill 7 Spot Fire
Drill 8 Line Construction
Drill 9 Portable Pump Exercise
Drill 10 Helitack Initial Attack
Drill 11 Helitack Bucket
Drill 12 Helitack Helispot
Drill 13 Helitack Longline
Drill 14 Helitack Personnel
Drill 15 Dispatch

Skill 1 Engine Inspection
Skill 2 Handtool Safety Checks
Skill 3 Firing Devices
Skill 4 Belt Weather Kit
Skill 5 Hydraulics
Skill 6 Fire Shelter Use
Skill 7 Pump and Flow Test

Fire Program Review Materials

Severity Audit Checklist

Incident Business Management

Checklist Revisions:

Proposed revisions can be sent to:

BLM - Jeff Arnberger

NPS - Miranda Stuart

BIA - Jacqueline Hawley 

FWS - Kevin Conn 

USFS - Kim Christensen

Comments should be typed into the "remarks" section of the checklist proposed for change. These checklists can be sent electronically to the above address for your agency for considerations. Proposed changes need to reflect current national policy and be a quantifiable item that directly applies to fire preparedness. The proposed revisions should include the exact verbiage that is being proposed. Checklists are reviewed for compliance with policy and standards each January. Proposed changes will need to be submitted by January 1 of that year for consideration.