BLM Fire Recruitment Toolkit

The BLM Fire program is dedicated to supporting safe and effective wildland fire and fuels management operations. BLM Fire offers a variety of wildland fire and support positions devoted to our mission of protecting life, property, and our valuable natural resources.  

This toolkit is designed to provide recruitment materials to be used for promoting BLM Fire jobs throughout the nation. We want to highlight “why” people want to work for BLM Fire. It’s not just a job, it is a community. Careers in BLM Fire can take employees out of the office, working in outdoor recreation areas and traveling to places many people will never see. The natural resources we are charged to protect and the people we work with make this job great! Let’s promote that. 

BLM Fire is a leader in the nation’s management of wildland fire. To meet our wildland fire-related challenges, the BLM needs professional firefighters and leaders who are committed to managing fire in the most effective and efficient ways possible.  

With the rollout of the new 0456 Wildland Firefighting series and the intense competition for highly skilled and qualified individuals, the BLM Fire program is looking to fill numerous vacancies and continue building a strong workforce. Many of the entry level positions are steppingstones towards a long-term fire career and provide opportunities to gain qualifications and experience. 

This toolkit provides a variety of resources for outreach and recruitment: 

  • Ready-made brochures, displays, presentations, flyers, postcards and business cards.
  • Download the BLM Fire outreach and recruitment template PowerPoint and create customized graphics.
  • Benefits of a federal career in wildland fire (downloadable PDF).
  • BLM Fire job graphics for the various positions available in wildland fire.
  • USAJOBS "how to" videos that provide step-by-step instructions for anyone applying to wildland fire positions.
  • #WeAreBLMFire videos that highlight the various positions in wildland fire.
  • #WeAreBLMFire state videos that showcase wildland fire job opportunities.
  • Download #WeAreBLMFire interviews of BLM Fire personnel to use for social media.
  • Links to the Wildfire Matters podcast and Fire Chat Friday episodes.
  • BLM Fire #NotYourOrdinaryJob images on Flickr.
  • BLM Fire jobs portal has information about the types of positions BLM Fire has to offer. 

Feel free to customize these tools, add your logo and photos, and share on social media. Don't forget to tag @BLMFire.


Brochures, Displays, Presentations, and Outreach Materials


BLM Fire Job Graphics

Click each graphic to download for use on social media.


USAJOBS How To Videos

Video 1: Introduction to USAJOBS

Video 5: How to apply and upload documents

Video 2: How to navigate USAJOBS

Video 6: How to personalize and save a USAJOBS search

Video 3: Create an account and login

Video 7: Navigating federal benefits and HR

Video 4: How to build a resume


We Are BLM Fire Videos

The Wild Land

Interagency Hotshot Crews


Incident Business

Engine crews

We Are BLM Fire

Veterans crews


Helitack crews

Mitigation and education


We Are BLM Fire State Videos





New Mexico




Eastern States





We Are BLM Fire Interviews

Will Coleman, Devil's Canyon Veterans Crewmember

Abraham Rand, Billings Veterans Crewmember

Rusty Butler, Billings Veterans Crewmember

Rafael Elias, Vale Interagency Hotshots Crewmember

Tyler Molenberg, Ruby Mountain Hotshots Crewmember

The best part about a job on a BLM Helitack crew

BLM Helitack crews: We are like a family

Brandon Williams, Twin Falls Helitack Crew Supervisor

Cory Johnson, Moki Helitack Crew Supervisor

Cole Richards, Moki Helitack Crewmember

Katie Williamson, Cody Interagency Dispatch Center

Angeline Pollock, Billings Interagency Dispatch Center

Roberto Rodriguez, Engine Crewmember

Clarke Whitehead, Assistant Engine Captain

Jennifer Diamond, Prevention, Mitigation, Education Specialist

Mary Loan, Single Engine Airtanker Base Manager

Mary Loan, Airtanker Base Manager Duties

Erica Husse, Airtanker Base Ramp Manager

Matt Murphy, Elko District Fire Management Officer

Marisa Carney, Fire Management Specialist (Planning)


Podcasts and Fire Chats

Wildfire Matters

Wildfire Matters is a podcast that takes you behind the scenes to talk with the people who strive to manage the landscape, protect our precious natural resources, and keep our communities safe as we continue to learn how to live with wildfire.  #WeAreBLMFire 


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Fire Chat Friday

Fire Chat Friday (BLM Sharepoint link) establishes an open forum where up-to-date information is shared with all BLM personnel. BLM Fire leadership is working to ensure current and correct information distribution throughout the program.


Download BLM Fire images from Flickr