Interagency Human Resources Documents

NOTE: The following documents are interagency, for bureau or agency specific documents please select one of the following: BIA | BLM | FS | FWS | NPS

NWCG Memorandum (NWCG#007-2011) - Interagency Fire Program Management (IFPM) Currency Requirements

IFPM Position Matrix - This matrix layouts the 13 key IFPM positions along with NWCG incident management qualifications and additional required training for each position.

Standard IFPM Vacancy Announcement Language - This standard language is to be used for all IFPM job announcements.

DOI Qualification Requirements for Firefighter Position Covered by Secondary (Administrative) Retirement Coverage - This memorandum provides the definition of "90 Days of Previous Wildland Fire Experience" for all Secondary Administrative firefighter positions.

Supplemental Qualification Standard for GS-0401 Fire Management Specialist Positions

Interagency Wildland Fire Hiring Official Recruitment Checklist - The recruitment checklist is intended to be used by hiring officials as a supplement to existing procedures within your organization when submitting a recruitment package to Human Resources for wildland fire management positions.

HR Qualification Review Checklists - These checklists can be used to determine if an applicant meets OPM qualifications for General Schedule positions and IFPM requirements.

Evaluating an Applicant Against the IFPM Standard (Job Aid) - This job aid is intended to provide Human Resource Specialists with the tools to review an application for IFPM positions.

NWCG Incident Management Qualification Hierarchy (Job Aid) - This job aid describes the hierarchy (relationship) of the NWCG Incident Management Qualifications and can be used when evaluating an applicant for the IFPM incident management qualification requirements.

Standard Position Descriptions