U.S. Military veterans have specialized skills, training, and abilities that lend well to jobs in fire and aviation management. There are ways that veterans can start their fire careers under special hiring authorities and programs. 

Veteran Hiring Programs 

Office of Personnel Management Feds Hire Vets program provides expertise for veterans seeking federal employment, veterans in federal employment, and guidance and resources for hiring officials. There are several special hiring authorities for veterans that federal hiring officials can use to capitalize on the unique skills and abilities that veterans have acquired. 

Veterans Fire Corps 

The Veterans Fire Corps (VFC) is collaborative initiative of the California Conservation Corps (CCC), Conservation Legacy (CL) and the Student Conservation Association (SCA) run in partnership with state and federal agencies including the US Forest Service (USFS), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and the Corporation for National and Community Service. The VFC builds upon the knowledge, leadership experience and training of the men and women who served in the armed forces, retraining them and refocusing their mission to protecting our public lands from the threat of wildfire. 

SCA Veterans Fire Corps 

The Veterans Fire Corps is a program sponsored by the Student Conservation Association (SCA) in cooperation with the U.S. Forest Service. It brings the skills of U.S. military veterans to the fireline. The Veterans Fire Corps trains and engages teams of military veterans in wildland fire mitigation. Projects include fuels reduction, fire effects monitoring, educational outreach, pre-fire preparation of burn units, and participation in prescribed fires. SCA’s Veterans Fire Corps members enjoy field-based practical experience that benefits them and the lands they support. Members work together for 13 to 14 weeks, organized in teams of four to five Corps Members and one Project Leader. The program provides a weekly living allowance; housing and some meals may also be provided. 

Team Rubicon 

Team Rubicon provides disaster relief and recovery to communities worldwide. Built through volunteers and a commitment to service, it leverages U.S. Veterans’ skills and experience to prepare, respond, and recover from disasters and humanitarian crises. Prior military service is not a requirement to join Team Rubicon, but many U.S. Veterans enjoy applying their unique training, skills, and abilities to continue service.