National Incident Management Organization

NIMO is composed of four Incident Management Teams (IMT). Each team consists of seven members who are assigned full-time to Command and General Staff positions. While complex fire management is the primary focus of their positions, only 10% of time is spent on fire incidents. These teams work in support of a variety of national and international incidents and projects. In addition, they have year-round non-incident duties in support of fire and aviation management to improve consistency and fire management processes.  

NIMO support includes: 

  • IMT Support & Management of Fires 
  • High Priority National level projects (Washington Office) 
  • Regional Projects 
  • Forest Support 
  • Exercises & Simulations 
  • NWCGFEMA, and Type 3 Training 
  • Meeting Organization and Facilitation 
  • Facilitated Learning Analyses (FLAs), Fire Reviews and Timelines 
  • Line of Duty Death/ Memorial Planning 
  • International Work