The scope of operations of the Branch of Communications Maintenance (BCM) is national and international in nature. The BCM will at all times maintain enough “ready for issue” radio communications equipment to support requests for deployment to the field. At planning levels III, IV, and V, the CDO, in coordination with NICC, will establish priorities for issue of the equipment. Non-emergency equipment will also be provided to requesting agencies, as approved by Governing Board. 

The BCM, operating within the interagency framework, is charged with maintaining and repairing all NIICD portable radios and repeaters, radio links, and remote radios used on all-risk incidents. These incidents include: wildland fire and law enforcement, along with natural & man-made disasters. The BCM also supports local functions as authorized by the Division Chief and the NIFC Governing Board. 

Technical expertise is provided to requesting agencies and incidents after coordination with the Operations Branch. This expertise could consist of system design assistance and/or emergency repair of backbone communications systems used in support of wildland fires or law enforcement responses.