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2023 National Interagency Mobilization Guide

Change Process for the National Mobilization Guide

The National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC) is responsible for the annual revision, publication, and distribution of the National Mobilization Guide (NMG). The National Multi-Agency Coordinating Group (NMAC) approves all changes to the NMG, as well as providing oversite and review.

Suggestions for changes can be submitted at any time during the calendar year. Historically the NICC works closely with NMAC during the months of December and January to discuss changes and modifications to the NMG. During the month of February, the NMG is edited and assembled by the staff at the NICC, and on March 1st posted for publication and distribution. All proposed changes for a publication year, should be submitted by December 31st to make the annual March 1st posting date.

The process for suggesting modifications to the publication are submitted through the online form on this website and routed through one of the following for approval and submission to the NICC staff.

  • Your Signatory Agency
  • Your Geographic Area Coordination Center
  • Interagency Organizations, Established Interagency Groups, and Functional Areas

The signatory agencies for NMG are the following:

  • US Forest Service
  • Bureau of Indian Affairs
  • Bureau of Land Management
  • National Park Service
  • US Fish and Wildlife Service
  • US Fire Administration
  • National Association of State Foresters

Entities that are considered a contracted resource can submit change requests through their sponsoring agency. For Administratively Determined (AD) employees, change requests can be submitted through the agency they are signed up with. All state and local government agencies will submit changes through the National Association of State Foresters. All changes from signatory agencies are given to the primary NMAC member for that agency and presented to NMAC for approval.

For any proposed change that involve dispatch procedures, coordination, and predictive services are submitted to your Geographic Area Coordination Center (GACC). The GACC Center Manager will review suggestions and submit them to the NICC Center Manager, who then presents them to NMAC for approval.

Suggested changes received from interagency organizations such as NWCG will be submitted by the chair or vice chair of that organization. Changes need to be submitted by a committee (parent) and not a subcommittee. Additional recognized interagency organizations such as CGAC, PSOG, and ACIC will submit suggested changes through their chair or vice chair. Functional areas are programs such as RAWs, NIICD and contracting, will also follow the same procedure. All suggestions for changes from interagency organizations, groups, and functional areas are submitted to the NICC Center Manager for review, who then presents them to NMAC for approval.

All change requests will be submitted electronically, cataloged, and processed by the NICC staff and routed appropriately. Follow the appropriate link to make proposed changes:

The NMG is specifically designed for establishing the standards for interagency coordination and mobilization of resources. If you have questions or suggested changes that refer to specific agency standards or go beyond the scope of the National Interagency Mobilization Guide, please review the Interagency Standards for Fire and Fire Aviation Operations or your specific agency guidance and submit changes or suggestions through those processes.