CIMT National Rotation

The national rotation is managed by NICC to provide available CIMTs when needed to support any geographic area or national need. Each geographic area manages an internal rotation appropriately to meet their membership’s needs throughout the year.

Current Rotation

February 26 - March 3 RM CA
March 4 - 10 NW NR
March 11 - 17 GB NW
March 18 - 24 SW GB
Last Updated: Monday, February 26, 2024 - 07:32

2024 National Rotation

The national rotation is updated each Monday, when the new rotation week begins, and as needed based on CIMT assignments. Two teams will be available each week between January and April and October and December. A minimum of four teams will be available each week between May and September. Availability is identified by geographic area only, not by specific CIMT.

Teams will be requested in order of the national rotation, provided they can meet the date and time needed. A CIMT’s first assignment, either internally or from the national rotation, will move them to Round 2 of the national rotation. Their second assignment will move them to Round 3. A rotation round ends when all available CIMTs have been exercised or are unavailable. Historical data suggests a median of three assignments per calendar year per CIMT is an optimal goal for NMAC and geographic areas to manage towards.

Regardless of Preparedness Level, NMAC retains the authority to manage all team assignments as necessary to achieve team experience objectives, ensure proficiency, manage fatigue, or for other reasons. This also includes the authority to amend the national rotation or proceeding to the next round as necessary.

2024 CIMT Assignments

National Buying Team Rotation