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Welcome to the National Interagency Coordination Center

Map of Geographic Area Coordination Centers Northwest Area Eastern Great Basin Area Northern California Area Southern California Area Alaska Area Northern Rockies Area Rocky Mountain Area Southwest Area Southern Area Eastern Area Northern California Area

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The National Interagency Coordination Center (NICC) is the focal point for coordinating the mobilization of resources for wildland fire and other incidents throughout the United States. Located in Boise, Idaho, the NICC also provides Intelligence and Predictive Services related-products designed to be used by the internal wildland fire community for wildland fire and incident management decision-making.

There are five primary components to the NICC website. The Incident Information page is designed to provide the general public with daily updates on large fires throughout the United States. The Predictive Services component provides the operational products produced by the NICC and links to outside operational activities. The Logistics/Dispatch component provides operational and administrative links to the mobilization sections located in the Center. The Administrative component is designed to provide the tools, background information, and links that make Fire and Incident Operations work. And, the Related Links components provides Area and National links to other related websites.

To learn more about the National Interagency Coordination Center, click on ABOUT US.

National Excellence in Dispatching Award

This award has been created to acknowledge an individual's contributions to dispatching and coordination. This individual is recognized as exemplifying a high standard of excellence in professional dispatch and coordination procedures. Their personal bearing and conduct establishes a high benchmark for interpersonal and general office relationships. This interagency national award is presented annually and nominees may be from any level of the dispatch or coordination system.

National "Excellence in Dispatching" Recipients


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