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DOI Medical Standard Program

Comprehensive Health Services, LLC (CHS) is the national contractor for the DOI MSP exam and qualification process for DOI arduous duty wildland firefighters across the United States.



The DOI Medical Standards Program exsists to:


- Ensure arduous duty wildland firefighters are medically qualified in accordance with 5CFR 339 (Medical Qualifications Determinations) to perform their tasks safely in any environment at al times without hazard to themsleves or others
- Administer, manage and coordinate a medical standards program across DOI wildland firefighting agencies
- Facilitate multi-level risk mitigation/waiver process across DOI Wildland firefighting agencies for individulas not meeting one or more medical standard(s)
- Utilize workforce health data to: Identify emerging health trends, regularly validate the Federal Interagency Medical Standards, and help maximize OWCP cost containment efforts


If you have questions about CHS clinics, scheduling exams, CAS access or EAS access please contact CHSi at 1-888-636-8619.


All other questions please contact DOI MSP Customer Service at wlffcsr@blm.gov or (888) 286-2521.