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Medical Exams for Fire Season 2017

A national contract has been awarded to Comprehensive Health Services, Inc. (CHSi) to carry out the DOI MSP exam and qualification process for DOI arduous duty wildland firefighters across the United States. Implementation of the new contract is being phased in across Agencies over 3 years starting in 2015.


What Phase are you in? Click on your Agency below to find your Unit by ID or Name, then proceed to instructions for your Phase below.
Please Note: All arduous wildland firefighters who have not yet had a CHS exam, regardless which phase they are in, should have a CHS exam in FY17.




Phase 1 and Phase 2 Group Instructions (Fire Season 2017) - Click Here
Phase 3 Group Instructions (Fire Season 2017) - Click Here


If you have questions about CHSi clinics, scheduling exams, CAS access or EAS access please contact CHSi at 1-888-636-8619.


All other questions please contact DOI MSP Customer Service at wlffcsr@blm.gov or (888) 286-2521.
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