Wildland Firefighter (WLFF)

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Option 1: Risk Mitigation/Waiver (RM/W) with your Agency. This is an interactive risk assessment intended for WLFF's with an ongoing condition that requires regular maintenance but could potentially be waived or mitigated. Some examples include; hearing, vision, diabetes, asthma, and stinging insect allergies.
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Option 2: Reviewing Medical Officer (RMO) Review - For short term conditions only. Must be able to provide documentation from primary doctor or specialist that clearly shows the condition has resolved and the firefighter is able to resume arduous duty without limitations.


Option 3: Medical Consult - The purpose of a consult is to determine if the Non-Qualification issue is static and stable for chronic medical conditions that are not likely to change. You will remain Not Qualified on your determination letter but if determined static and stable it may improve your changes at receiving a Risk Mitigation/Waiver from your Agency.
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