Prevention of Sexual Harassment Module

Supervisors or facilitators must ensure participants complete all videos in this section to meet the annual Prevention of Sexual Harassment (POSH) completion requirements.

Each video has an introduction followed by the video. Once the video is viewed, the facilitator will engage in an interactive conversation with the participants. Following the video and the interactive discussion, the facilitator will show the debrief video.

Under no circumstances will a non-EEO professional answer EEO related questions. Under no circumstances will a non-HR Employee Relations professional answer questions pertaining to anti-harassment procedures.

All questions regarding EEO and discrimination will be referred to the EEO staff at BLM Fire, USFWS Fire Management, or another appropriate EEO managers.

All questions on HR and reporting and investigating harassment allegations will be referred to the appropriate HR employee relations specialist.

Prevention of Sexual Harassment

In Order To Receive POSH Annual Credit You Must Play All Videos
  • P1: Perspectives on Sexual Harassment Prevention
  • P2: Overview of EEO and Anti-Harassment Processes
  • P3: Inappropriate Messages Scenario
  • P4: Inappropriate Messages Debrief
  • P5: Respecting Personal Space Scenario
  • P6: Respecting Personal Space Debrief
  • P7: A Message on Sexual Harassment